Budget breakdown

Full overview of the cost per participant

Transparancy matters.

The VeloTour Festival is a not-for-profit event. The organising team of volunteers only wants to make sure that all costs get covered among all participants. Therefore, we created this page to give you a good understanding where the 50 euro participation fee per person comes from.

Full cost overview per participant
Cost Description Price
2x dinner Dinner on Friday and Saturday night.
6 euro/dinner
2x breakfast Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.
6 euro/breakfast
Rent cooking equipment We'll work together and support youth movements in Meise and Enghien by renting their cooking equipment and make them a donation for their help. €10
Fee Cactus volunteers Volunteers of Cactus will guide us from Brussel to Flanders on the first day. €2
Construction of toilets We'll build some basic toilets which we're going to use on Friday and Saturday night. €5,45
Insurance Liability and physical damage insurance. €2
Solidarity contribution With 2 extra euro, we support the participation of 5 people who don't have the financial means to participate. €2
Overhead 10% margin for unexpected costs, to make sure we can cover all costs. In case we don't need this money, we'll use it for next year's edition. €4,55
Total price Price per participant for 3 days of VeloTour Festival. €50

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